Garden Care

Which insecticide, herbicide or fertilizer should I use? Do animal repellents really work? How do I care for my lawn on my own?

These are common questions, and for the mid-south, the answers are not so simple. Application and timing is key to growing and caring for a healthy garden.

We have the people and products available to address any of your questions and needs. Come by and see us at one of our two locations for expert advice on how to care for your garden, trees, shrubs, and plants. You will leave with the confidence you need to care for your garden like never before.

Our Products

  • Insecticides (organic and synthetic)
  • Herbicides
  • Fungicide (organic and synthetic)
  • Fertilizers (organic and synthetic)
  • Animal Repellents
  • Mulch
  • Soil Conditioners
  • Potting Soils
  • Landscaping tools and supplies
  • Specialty items
  • Lawn care products

Our trusted brands include: